5 Best USA Dropshipping Suppliers

Let me guess, you wan't to start a boutique and sell on Facebook and Shopify, you keep finding cheap looking products and drop shippers and you've been looking everywhere for that trendy boutique stuff to dropship!!

I hear you 👊 and I think you've arrived at the right spot. 

Let's dive into the best 5 USA drop shipping suppliers of 2023.

1. Bloom Drop Ship

Bloom Drop Ship is a brand new dropshipping supplier based out of California that specializes in providing quality USA product sourced from the LA Fashion District

As many of you know the drop shipping industry has been seriously lacking for many years 😖. The problem with the market is there has been no good wholesale clothing brands that want to drop ship their clothing. 

What we've been limited to are drop shippers that deliver brands that are either from China or lower tier USA suppliers. Suppliers that don't give you cute boutique photos, prompt customer service and go the extra distance by putting your boutique name on the shipping labels and wrapping the clothing in cute presentable packages.

That's where Bloom Drop Ship comes in to help us 🤗! Companies like Bloom buy from the top USA brands and make the clothing available for you to dropship.

Bloom reigns supreme because it has good brands, low prices, great models and images, ships fast (within 24 hours), has good return policy for your customers and even sync's with your Shopify and commentsold site. 

They have the lowest monthly subscription fee of $139 for their particular niche which turns out to be a bargain if you can manage to make your drop shipping company into a full fledge four figure making machine! 

If you're interested in collaborating with Bloom you will need to apply, you can do that here

2. Spocket

Spocket is fairly fresh to the seen. They took what sites like Oberlo and Doba do well and made a couple upgrades to the layout and flow.

Its user friendly website and easy ordering process is a dream for hopeful drop shippers but what about their products, does it have what you're looking for?

If you're looking for accessories, gadgets, bed and bath then yes. Cute wholesale boutique clothing? Not so much.. If you wanted to dropship the trendy clothing that your adorable corner boutique has hanging on their racks then you might want to pass on Spocket.

As I stated earlier, most drop shipping websites contain what Spocket has. These are sites pooling from many Chinese and Indian vendors and lower tier USA wholesalers. But that doesn't mean they are horrible, your customers might want cheap gadgets and accessories. Just expect that many items could have 1-4 weeks delivery time.

Spocket is pretty inexpensive for a drop shipper; ranging from $0 - $99 a month Spocket has multiple options for subscriptions based on your level of business. You can view their pricing options here.

3. Doba

There are two types of drop shippers viewing this article, the ones that want to list as much as possible on all platforms (Amazon, Ebay, etc.) and the ones that want curated trendy boutique collections.

Doba would be for that first type who wants to get their hands on as much "stuff" as possible and list everywhere. Doba has over 100,000 unique products so there should be no shortage of items.

Doba's site is unique in that it categorizes its site by suppliers. One would find products through these suppliers and Doba would essentially facilitate the business between you and the drop shipper.

In these huge marketplaces like Doba and Spocket, items derive from dozens of different dropshipping vendors all around the world. A benefit to Doba's layout is you can isolate the suppliers that are giving you timely deliveries and product matching images and work solely with them.

Much like Spocket, Doba contains a lot of Chinese clothing and suppliers and the delivery times can be in the weeks for some items.

Doba's pricing starts at $14.99/month and for those big-time sellers an enterprise plan at $249.99/month.

I always advise doing the free trials so you can see exactly what these drop shippers have to offer. Doba offers a 30 day free trial which you can sign up for here

4. Boutique Tree

Let's make a 180 degree turn from Doba and check out Boutique Tree.

This dropshipping supplier offers cute trending boutique items and dropships all of their product out of the USA. 

They have multiple product launches each week that include accessories, shoes and of course clothing items.

There are multiple options for subscriptions and you can review that and learn more here

It's no Bloom Drop Ship but clothing prices are standard, model images are ok and it ships out of USA so you can bet the shipping times are fast.

I have not personally signed up for their program but if your after that USA boutique stuff go check out Boutique Tree.

To sign up and apply visit this link.

5. Oberlo

Oberlo is much like Spocket and Doba in that they have a massive selection of products but unfortunately most of it is provided by foreign dropship vendors.

Interestingly it appears that Oberlo pulls all of its product from AliExpress. If you don't know about AliExpress, it is a sister company of Alibaba that looks to connect foreign suppliers and manufacturers with USA businesses. 

Look, cheap can be great and if you want cheap China is the place to get your merchandise from. 

The obvious downsides which have been stated previously is that the quality can be unknown and the shipping times can take 1-4 weeks. The upside is you have access to the worlds products at Amazon-like prices. 

Oberlo has an easy sign up process and if you would like to begin their free trial you can go here.

They also offer free courses on how to drop ship and this might be something that for a novice could be a helpful crash course.

Much like Bloom, Spocket and all the dropshipping suppliers listed, Oberlo can connect with your Shopify site making it easy to instantly plug in any items to start selling.


That concludes the list for the best 5 USA dropshipping suppliers of 2022. I'm excited to see what the market brings us in 2022. The drop shipping industry and suppliers has radically changed because of new technology and the expansion of online social media sales, thus I am hopeful more great USA brands will hop on this trend and make their product available to dropshippers.

Good luck in your endeavours and thanks for reading!