5 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Boutique

5 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Boutique

You are enjoying the entrepreneurial way of life. Owning a boutique is exciting, fulfilling, and stressful. It also can cost a substantial investment and takes a while to get your footing and start to see any profit. We’re going to show you a few ways that you may be able to increase your traffic flow and get more sales.


1. Expand the Wholesale Boutique Items you Sell.

Download our Top 5 Wholesale Clothing Sites, to see the clothes they offer, the shipping schedules, and the styles. A hip vendor in California may not have many clothes that your laid-back moms in Arkansas wear. Find the vendors that will work best with you and your clients. Then broaden your base a little. One of the best ways to increase traffic to your boutique is to have items that appeal to a broader base. You want your boutique to serve any potential buyer, but no one has enough room for that. Find your market, then stretch the edges a little. You can always purchase from another boutique if you need that item. That’s one of the reasons you want to make friends with other boutique owners. Unlike the big box stores that compete against each other, boutique owners love to help one another. 


Fashion Shows are a great way to preview wholesale boutique items from different vendors. It’s also a great opportunity to travel with the girls and have some fun. You can check our List of Upcoming Fashion Shows to see what events interest you.


2. Starting an Online Boutique the Right Way.

When looking for a way to increase foot traffic and sales for your boutique, a great way is to set it up online. You have already done all of the complicated parts to open this boutique. You can bring your items online at your pace, and increase your inventory at a pace that works for you.

 The main things are these:

  • An online store: like Shopify, Amazon, or one of the others
  • Website if you do not already have one
  • Facebook or Pinterest for posting pictures
  • A good system for keeping up with inventory

    3. Add Other Items For Sale

    If you are currently selling only women’s clothing, consider adding other wholesale boutique items. Shoes, jewelry, children’s clothes, and household items have proven to be traffic builders for some boutiques. The first thing to consider is how much room you can dedicate to one of these lines. Listen to comments your guests are making when in your boutique. Are they asking if you have jewelry? Or carry shoes? Listen to what they want from you, and see if you can add it. A glass case beautifully designed with sparkling jewelry is a real attention-getter. You cannot just base the value on how much jewelry sells out of this case. Also, look at the number of visits it increases to your boutique each day to look at the case. Then they may purchase other items while they are in the boutique. 


    4. Taking Marketing to the Max

    Most shop marketing has been done in print and only for certain occasions because it was so expensive. Now we can share concepts with the people that need them. Many people cannot look at a pair of pants and visualize the shirts that could go with them. Design that outfit for them. Try several different tops with that fantastic pair of pants you have for sale. If you can add shoes, purses, and jewelry, it will be appealing. If you don’t have models to use, be creative. Devise a way to hang them together, lay them on the floor, or in a glass case. Take several pictures, then select the best. Post them on Facebook & your website with a catchy title. Encourage sharing of the images to increase views. When starting your online boutique, be sure these images are on it. Beautiful jewelry photographs well. Develop a posting schedule and try to follow it. Don’t try to post every day, that’s too big of a commitment. Give yourself a little leeway and try once a week. If you can exceed that, it is a bonus.


    5. Membership Program 

    Initiate a Membership Program for your current clients. Tell them they will receive advance notifications of sales, promotions, and deals. Make it easy to sign up, either a simple sign-up sheet at the counter or entry at check out. The CMS needs to be able to track this member’s purchases by E-mail address. This can give you reporting to assist you in your product tracking. You can do a mass e-mail to your members asking what products they would like to see added. Also, quiz them for suggestions and issues. This is a great way to get feedback from your clients. Read and consider the comments, don’t just ask for them then ignore them. 

    Along with your Membership Program, you may also want to initiate a Referral Program. Offer a 10% or so discount on the next purchase after a client makes a referral. The best program gives a discount to the referrer and one to the new client. The new client receives a discount on their initial purchase. The referring client receives a 10% discount on their next purchase. If a total of 20% is scary, give 5% to each. The point is too bring in participants so it must be enough to appeal to clients. Establish a way for this to be implemented. The least appealing would be that they have to come together for that initial purchase. This would be extremely difficult as your online business grows. 


    This brings to our attention again that you need a good CMS. You need a version that will perform the things you need it to do. You may have purchased a simple system, to begin with. Starting an online boutique may indicate you have to consider a step up to get everything you now need. If you use the features, this investment will pay off. We hope this information will be useful as you try to increase the traffic to your boutique. See us at Buy Wholesale Clothing for more information.


    by Anna M – June 21, 2022