Why Drop Shipping Can Save Your Boutique

Why Drop Shipping Can Save Your Boutique

What is one word that can encapsulate the struggle of a brick-and-mortar boutique and be a non-issue for a drop shipper?

Answer, rotation.

Any boutique that exists today or has come before has experienced the rotation death spiral. This is where a boutique needs new product for new sales but can't get rid of pre existing product to free up cash for new product. The cycle can be viscous and continues until a boutique is out of business. 

The great thing about drop shipping is that this is a non-issue, a drop shipper usually has more rotation and product than they need.

With the popularization of drop shipping I've been noticing the success they have had in the transition periods of the market (The period of time when the season changes.) This would confirm my theory that the ability to have maximal rotation of clothing is benefiting drop shipping and hurting the traditional brick and mortar businesses. This is because while brick and mortars are putting on sales and trying to get cash back from previous season items, the drop shippers are already positing new seasonal trends and spending no unnecessary time trying to sell off merchandise that was slow to move.

This is valuable information to utilize whatever position you have in the fashion market, but for brick and mortars this means adopting drop shipping to your arsenal can be a huge help.  Rather than sacrificing rotation and losing customers, drop shipping will allow any business to continue to market new products and trends coming right off the designers table.  

by Anna M – February 14, 2022