Top 3 Colors of Spring 2022

Top 3 Colors of Spring 2022

1.) Denim 

Blue is one of the top colors we are seeing early in Spring 22'.  The buzz word used is denim and this can refer to anything with a light blue tint. In the image below we can see the pairing or floral and blue which looks delightful. Rather than seeing a ton of Mint (as we usually expect in Spring) it appears it has been swapped out for a color just next to it on the color wheel. 

2.) Lilac 

This first showed up in Spring '21 and we think it will make its biggest impact in 22'. Anything with that light purple hue with pastel inspirations can go for Lilac or as described below, Lavender.  This color works on sweaters like the one imaged below and looks stunning laid over a ruffle dress.

3.) Fuchsia

Diverting from the soft pastels, our third color choice for Spring 22' is the vibrant fuchsia. This eye-popping color can be worn across an array of styles including tops, tanks and dresses. An attention getter at heart, this color gives all the sparkle without the need for a print.


by Anna M – January 03, 2022