Need Help Finding USA Fashion DropShippers?

Need Help Finding USA Fashion DropShippers?

There are several US dropshippers that I use to supply my boutique.

I will list the three I use below in order of my most favorite.

If you’re just starting out I would suggest choosing one to start with and adding more on as your audience grows.

1) Bloom Drop Ship

Bloom is awesome, they are perfect for giving you that clothing look and imagery for that authentic midwestern boutique look. Bloom’s pictures and models are similar to what you would say from Mint Julep, Chic Soul and other top tier boutiques. However Bloom is my number one because their clothing sells the most and this is likely because their prices are lower then the other two drop shippers I use.

Other benefits are they carry tons of Judy Blue(my customers eat this up) and they only carry clothing that comes in full size ranges including Plus Size.

2) Boutique Simplified

Boutique Simplified is one of the original boutique specific drop shippers. When I say boutique specific I am describing the drop shippers that are the opposite of the China junk, bad picture and odd sizing drop shippers like Aliexpress, Oberlo and others. Instead these fashion drop shippers are catering to the women who want to make an authentic looking American Boutique.

Boutique Simplified provides a mix of great models, good brands, tech packs, multiple weekly launches and many unique and useful perks that make selling their clothing easy. They are not quite as robust as Bloom nor are their pictures as good but they are still a great option.

3) Trendsi

Trendsi is a free app (yay free!) and they do a good job of utilizing the China stuff and reframing it so that it can sell on your boutique site. Their downside is that yes, they do sell China stuff, which is likely why it’s free. But at the end of the day literally everything comes from China anyways so the quality isn’t too bad and they offer something like 100 new items a day that you can sync to your site and sell seamlessly.

I hope this helps! Although their are several other drop shippers I think that these three will provide more then enough products and resources to boost your boutique.

A couple tips I would suggest is to utilize Tik Tok, Facebook Lives with commentsold and instagram reels. Some of this is obvious stuff and some you will have to look up and learn more on how to capitalize on the marketing features offered to boutiques. Best of luck!

by Anna M – December 20, 2023