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New York City Homeless OutreachNew York City doesn’t have a “homelessness problem” it has a “hopelessness problem.” Too many people are going to sleep in shelters and parks, on sidewalks and subways, without any reason to think that anyone knows or cares, let alone a God who formed and crafted them with love and intention. I’m determined to change that, but I can’t do it alone. I would love for you to join me as I process things I’ve seen, people I’ve encountered, and material I’ve found that can literally change the trajectory of someone’s life forever. I’ve worked as an outreach leader with New York City Relief for 5 years, and I am constantly reminded that making a difference in another’s life always begins with “Hello.” So… “Hi there, my name is Josiah Haken. What’s yours?”

What is New York City Relief?

New York City Relief is a faith-based nonprofit organization that has been connecting the homeless and the poor to resources that lead to life transformation for over 25 years. We take retrofitted school buses into struggling areas where we throw a party with free food and new socks for anyone who is interested, and build relationships with people the rest of the world often overlooks. Our goal is to mobilize and equip an army of volunteers that refuses to ignore our homeless neighbors by demonstrating Christ-like compassion through simple acts of service.

A Blizzard in New York 2016

One of the things I love about New York City Relief is the commitment to help our friends on the streets, especially during times when they need it the most. Rain, shine, or in this case, torrential snow, we go out and provide relief from the elements, connections to resources, but most importantly the love of Christ. Watch this short video to see what it was like during the January 2016 blizzard in New York City.

The poor are not a problem to be solved but a portal to the heart of God. Watch Josiah at the WND Global Leadership Conference recorded May 9th, 2015.

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